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Color-Grown Cotton Mesa Plaid (by the half yard)

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Image of Color-Grown Cotton Mesa Plaid (by the half yard)
  • Image of Color-Grown Cotton Mesa Plaid (by the half yard)
  • Image of Color-Grown Cotton Mesa Plaid (by the half yard)

I've been fascinated with plaids lately and have been exploring some of their uncommon forms. I designed this one with a pronounced texture. It has an embossed rib on one side and slightly rippled stripes on the reverse. It's knit with grown in color and natural white cotton yarns.

The flat rib structure means that the fabric doesn't cling to the body as with typical rib fabrics. Horizontal and vertical stretch are relatively minimal for a sweater knit, making Mesa perfect for a jacket or a coat. I can also imagine it used for home decor.

As with others in the collection the color fibers used in this fabric are their natural colors, non-GMO cotton grown brown or green, in New Mexico or California, respectively. In this case, they're spun with the natural creamy white yarn. This blend is what gives the yarns their earthy pastel colors. I love the way all the natural cotton colors go together effortlessly in the plaid.

Since the yarns are not dyed, the colors do not fade in the wash. The colors actually become deeper with each warm water washing, especially in alkaline water, until they reach their full potential. (Washing in cold water tends to maintain the color of the fabric. Adding baking soda to warm wash water tends to deepen the color.) Lay fabric flat to air dry. You may also tumble dry.

Before cutting and sewing, always prep your fabric first by laundering it with the method you'll use to launder your finished garment.

This fabric is approximately 52 inches (132 cm) wide. It's approximately 14 oz/sq yd (475 gsm).

Mesa Plaid is sold by the HALF YARD (0.457 meter). After adding your selection to the cart, enter the number of half yard segments you require, and update your total by clicking outside the box. Fabric of the same color and style will be delivered in one continuous piece.

If weight, hand, exact color, and stretch are important to your project, please order swatch "C" first.

If you are an international customer ordering a total of 2.5 yards (5 half-yards) or more of fabric, please contact me before ordering for the actual shipping price. Your order may be too heavy for USPS First Class International. We will need to ship USPS Priority International, for which there is a different and higher shipping rate.